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Training and
Coaching Services

Breckenridge is expanding its services to complement our project-based consulting with training and coaching services. Often, our clients ask us about additional services to meet emerging business and technical requirements. At Breckenridge, we want to make sure our clients not only get superb consulting services but come away with outstanding value from the overall relationship.

Our training and coaching services are designed to fit the specific needs of our clients. Here are some examples of how we can help our clients...

When a client engages Breckenridge for consulting services, we can offer the following valuable service add-ons without additional cost. The level of support will vary somewhat, depending on the size of the engagement.

  • Facilitate a series of "brown bag" seminars on topics of interest to the client.
  • Offer senior-level participation in key project reviews or other activities from a leading industry expert to provide an outside perspective. Our clients have found this to be of significant value at key junctures in their projects.
  • Provide some 1-on-1 or small group mentoring of project managers and/or team members to enhance their skills and confidence. Breckenridge specializes in this service.

"I am especially appreciative of John Padgett's leadership on this initiative [a strategic transformation project] which included mentoring and coaching a task team of Commerce employees. For these employees, it was a chance to showcase their talents, learn some new skills, and get some visibility to enhance their careers. This task team approach has become a new model for future projects at Commerce."

James T. Fain, III
NC Secretary of Commerce


Breckenridge also provides interactive training workshops on a variety of technical and business topics. Clients who engage Breckenridge for training services will also receive some of the service add-ons mentioned above. Our belief is that the most effective training experience includes an interactive workshop approach, as well as follow-up mentoring and coaching in the application of new skills.

Please contact us if you want more information about our training and coaching services.


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