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It can be a cluttered, confusing business world. At Breckenridge, we strive to be clear about how we help our clients. Our strategy for success is straight-forward and time-tested: focus, quality, and experience. We bring these attributes to two primary business offerings, project-based consulting and training services. Both can be interwoven or provided separately, depending on the needs of our clients.

Project-Based Consulting

When clients need talented consultants to drive project success, Breckenridge is able to provide the project managers, business analysts and technical professionals required. We have a track record of outstanding project success stories in both the private and public sectors, including award-winning projects with the State of North Carolina. Other Breckenridge consulting references include Lockheed Martin, AT&T, GMAC, SAS, Esri, and Spartanburg Steel Products. For example, Breckenridge is currently managing an enterprise project that will implement a new, leading GIS solution for the transportation industry (Esri's Roads & Highways solution).

Here is what makes us stand out among a crowded field of competitors...

The Breckenridge leadership team has direct experience in project and management consulting. Our experience enables us to apply a deep understanding on specific types of projects. We provide coaching expertise, tools, and templates to our team members and clients.


"The project management approach at Breckenridge is just different. Even on IT projects, they have an uncanny ability to understand and focus on the business needs and drivers. They collaborate, build trust, communicate, lead. Their project managers don't get lost in schedules or reams of documentation at the expense of the project business results."

State of North Carolina CIO



Some services companies sling resumes at clients, hoping something will stick. When Breckenridge presents candidates, we stand behind them with confidence. If we can't clear that bar, we will pass on the opportunity. It's that simple.

Breckenridge has a robust and non-typical screening process that considers and scores candidates on several key aspects needed for a top consultant:

  • Demonstrated and verifiable success in previous assignments.
  • Extensive experience using specific skills needed for project.
  • Excellent communication skills (writing, speaking and listening).
  • Ability to create high-quality deliverables.
  • Personal integrity, strong team orientation, excellent work ethics.
  • An understanding of fundamental project management best practices for all non-PMs.
  • Project managers will have deep knowledge in project management, will be PMP certified, and possess superb leadership skills.

Breckenridge consultants can be hired for your project on a contract basis. We would be happy to provide details about this service, our rates, and other information.


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