Anita and little girl  
  David Stein was instrumental in Lance Corporal Mendel Fowler finally being awarded the four medals he had earned in Vietnam but had never received.  
  Each year, members of Team Breckenridge serve meals and distribute holiday gifts at an Atlanta-area shelter.  



in the Community

Breckenridge in the Community. It's about people serving people in direct, tangible, and personal ways.

Breckenridge views service to the community as an essential and inseparable part of our company. In fact, the commitment to serve our neighbors has been in our DNA from Day 1. We're not waiting to give back; we want to give now. We seek to walk this out with our hands and feet—not by merely stroking a check. To focus our efforts and resources, and as a show of commitment to this aspect of our company, we recently identified and filled a director position for Breckenridge in the Community.

This core value of service fuels our vision for Breckenridge in the Community. It moves us to roll up our sleeves and get involved. Our team members find joy in personally investing time and resources, whether participating in a children's charity walk or visiting a patient at the Atlanta Shepherd Center.

Upcoming plans for Breckenridge in the Community include establishing a Breckenridge scholarship, sponsoring a 5K benefit run, and always remaining vigilant and ready to meet the needs around us.


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